“Don’t slam your door!”

I’ve regressed. I’ve gone from 8.30am every morning (well… 9am), shower, porridge and out the door back to my natural student state. The kitchen’s a bombsite and there’s lots of washing up to do. I’m falling asleep later and sleeping longer, barely rising until the afternoon, and have become addicted to a 90s sitcom. The entirety of 2point4 Children is on YouTube. I’ve been sucked into the black hole of UK Gold.

The first series is really good – obviously rather cliche but there’s some pithy lines and the acting’s commendable. There’s a lot of sex jokes and it seeks to poke misogyny in the eye in a charming sort of way, plus it’s interesting watching something where the characters are living through the last recession and Tory government. Also the daughter’s clothes are faaaabulous – I’m so glad the 90s are back in fashion – and the main character Bill reminds me of my mum back in the day. The second series (yes, I’ve burned through two series in 24 hours – how else do you think I got a BA in social science?) has gone far more… 90s. Suddenly we’re dealing with ‘ishyooz’. I’m on episode five and we’ve already had bulimia, denouncing graphic violence, a cringe-inducing supercrip wheelchair episode and there’s even an examination of sex tourism and global inequalities as Ben’s dad brings back Thai bride (not that it goes into too much depth and, of course, everything works out alright in the end). Still, I’m enjoying my nostalgia trip and it burns away the night as I wait for something proper to do.

It’s not all bad though. I have managed to do some uni work and I’ll be starting on the workbooks I’ve been given instead of going on placement. As soon as I’ve finished 2.4. There’s only 5 series left.

And the Xmas specials.

And the millennium one.

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