My cat died today
And you said nothing
I’m disappointed
But I understand
It’s too awkward
Too shameful
Ultimately too painful
You think,
It’s just a cat
But this grief
Raw and unforgiving
Is a gateway
And I picture myself
Holding you
The night your father dies
I feel your body spasm
Masculine cries erupt silently
From your quivering muscles
And you crumble
Like a baby
And I will know what to do
Though there is little I can do
I will be unembarrassed
And I’ll forgive you
For saying nothing
About my cat

RIP Sidney – you were and will always be wonderful. I shall miss you terribly. I’m glad you did not choose to go away to die because when I go home, to our home, you will still be there. It means you loved us. Or, at least, you were too lazy to go anywhere else which means that even death cannot change you. I love you, you horrid cat. Enjoy that great big cardboard box in the sky.

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