I’ve been feeling good the last few days. Talking to L about how I’ve been feeling on Saturday night really helped. Stress from placement has been hard to handle, I was frustrated with a boy messing me about (since found out he is a whole heap of drama – less red flags during the Russian Revolution) and I think my trazodone withdrawal really screwed me up. Now that I’m over this weekend I feel very free and I’ve had a few good days.

I get very fixated on relationships and need to breathe a bit. I’m gonna listen to people and actually try and focus on being ok rather than obsess over buttfaces who don’t treat me right. I’m happy on my own, even if I sometimes want to get laid.

My mum has been really supportive and we had a great chat on Sunday night. Just have to take each day as it comes – if I feel better one day then that’s great. Trying to be a better pal as well and really listen to what my friends are saying.

Had a fantastic day out with the district nurses yesterday. Had some very profound and human experiences, including meeting a dying lady and her family. Very moving but very normal and mundane.

Placement is nearly over and I have some work lined up for actual money. Got two weeks off after this and lots of things to look forward to. Let’s have a nice time!

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