Didn’t sleep great, woke up in a sweat. Had a great day, went to my Spanish conversation meet where I met some very interesting middle aged people (including Barry the sexist but he did seem to know a lot about linguistics so swings and roundabouts).

Spent the day in town, then joined the cinema (cheap tix and discounts) and went to see The Lunchbox which was fantastic. A tender and bittersweet love story between two lonely people and a lunchbox in Mumbai. 4/5, possibly even 4.5 because I was so rooting for the people in it. Treated myself to a burrito because I am a fantastic date who has been the perfect gentleman all evening.

Now settling in to watch Mad Men. I have been a bit tired and peevish this afternoon so have enjoyed my own company. Glad to catch up with a couple of friends on the phone today. Developing a serious problem with these michalki biales which I may have to deal with. The number of wrappers in/around my bin is deeply unhealthy. Work tomorrow, got asked if I could do a sleep shift tonight which I refused as it sent me a bit doolally last week, explicitly told them I wouldn’t do anymore because it makes me poorly.


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