So I went to the pub quiz, my head slightly starting to melt after a weak appetite and random bouts of nerves, to have a decent night in the end. Told C exactly why he has been a nob and how shitty he made me feel to the point where we made proper friends (and I may have stolen a cheeky snog for posterity). We are now mates and it is all ok!

L has fucked off her awful suitor and I’m so relieved, even if it took her being ditched to walk alone in a park to twig what a twat he is. Hopefully that is fully done so we can get past him and his ridiculous wrong side eyebrow piercing which he did when drunk (despite being 34).

Have started re-reading Anne Frank’s diary. I first read it when I was about 13/14. It’s amazing how much but really how little changes in ten years. She has such a beautiful insight.

Worked out today and even my stomach churning bouts of anxiety and tension have been managed. I really really want to stop picking my skin now. If anyone knows an idiot-proof and semi-natural skin routine for slightly oily people then please do chime in.

I am going to be so late for Uni tomorrow.

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