L came round when I said I was poorly and didn’t know what to do. It gave me a reason to shower and get rid of the rubbish. We had fun at he pub, my friend T and I were flirting all evening and I was glad of some male attention as I was feeling like shit. Him, me, C and L ended up in a bus shelter for an hour shouting politics while he squeezed my arse. He has a girlfriend but I figured it was just banter and was a bit pissed. He kept stealing my headband and then grabbed me and kissed me outside the Uni toilets. I batted him away and told him off, that was too far and I wasn’t cool with it. Feel such a twat and am really angry that he’d do something like that. Flirting is flirting but that’s bollocks, especially as he tried to do the same thing to L on their walk home.

C is an arsehole and barely worth mentioning. As we walked home he asked me how I was only to launch into a diatribe about his ex girlfriend and what a cunt I-dawg is, even though he’s nothing of the sort.

Feel a lot better than I did earlier, really grateful to L for pulling me out of my tearful misery, but really sad that two people I thought were friends have been such shits. Makes me wonder what kind of jerk I am.

Smoked two cigarettes and had 4 pints. Am lying in bed tired but not sleepy.


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